Carsten Cumbrowski – Search Engine JournalSEO, Search Marketing News and TutorialsTue, 27 Mar 2018 13:10:54 +0000en-UShourly 1 to Kombat? – New Competitive Intelligence Tool for Domains/ready-to-kombat-new-competitive-intelligence-tool-for-domains/7949/?utm_source=sej-feed/ready-to-kombat-new-competitive-intelligence-tool-for-domains/7949/#commentsThu, 30 Oct 2008 00:28:17 +0000/ready-to-kombat-new-competitive-intelligence-tool-for-domains/7949/I just received notification that SpyFu Kombat was launched today. SpyFu Kombat is an add-on to the classic SpyFu online service by VelocityScape. For those who are not familiar with SpyFu at all, have a look at my article from 2006 where I described the features of the service in greater detail. SpyFu is the commercial successor of the popular and free tool GoogSpy, which is not available anymore. SpyFu continues to offer some free information, but most data are only available to registered and paying customers. In simple words, SpyFu is a competitive intelligence tool to evaluate and compare […]

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ANTI versus PRO – Two very different Approaches to Solve a Conflict or Issue/anti-versus-pro-two-very-different-approaches-to-solve-a-conflict-or-issue/7835/?utm_source=sej-feed/anti-versus-pro-two-very-different-approaches-to-solve-a-conflict-or-issue/7835/#commentsTue, 14 Oct 2008 19:33:30 +0000/anti-versus-pro-two-very-different-approaches-to-solve-a-conflict-or-issue/7835/If you do not like something, then you have two options to do something about it. Either you decide to do something AGAINST it or you decide to be FOR something that acts as a counter-force to what you do not like. Which one is more likely to yield results and helps to succeed in solving problems and resolving conflicts eventually? I recently read something that made a strong case for the PRO approach, illustrated by a political example that anybody could easily relate to and has an opinion about. It was a somewhat political publication of course, so I won’t mention the name […]

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Google and the SEO Benefits of Affiliate Tracking Links/google-and-the-seo-benefits-of-affiliate-tracking-links/7669/?utm_source=sej-feed/google-and-the-seo-benefits-of-affiliate-tracking-links/7669/#commentsThu, 11 Sep 2008 00:29:58 +0000/google-and-the-seo-benefits-of-affiliate-tracking-links/7669/Brian Klais wrote in June, 2008 in his post “Amazon’s Secret to Dominating SERP Results” at the Natural Search Blog about how leverages the inbound links of their vast number of affiliates for their organic SEO advantage by 301-redirecting BOTs for the URLs that include the affiliate tracking code to the single primary URL of the same page that they want to be indexed by the search engines. Some folks think that what is doing violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines, because what they do is a special kind of cloaking, but I would argue that. The webpage where the […]

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YouTube Support – Not Existent… Again/youtube-support-%e2%80%93-not-existent%e2%80%a6-again/7180/?utm_source=sej-feed/youtube-support-%e2%80%93-not-existent%e2%80%a6-again/7180/#commentsSun, 22 Jun 2008 14:11:45 +0000/youtube-support-%e2%80%93-not-existent%e2%80%a6-again/7180/You think that somebody learns from past mistakes and does not repeat the same mistake over and over again. That does not seem to be true in the case of Google, specifically with their property. After my very negative experience in January this year did one thing change to the better as a direct or indirect consequence of it. There is now a help page at the YouTube web page and a designated email address for related issues. However, the general issue when it comes to responses in a timely fashion to time critical and multiple inquiry attempts remains […]

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Book Review: ProBlogger/book-review-problogger/7079/?utm_source=sej-feed/book-review-problogger/7079/#commentsMon, 09 Jun 2008 02:25:38 +0000/book-review-problogger/7079/My post with my book reviews in April this year was so well received that I decided to continue with this and write another review. I do not plan to limit myself to reviews of pure SEO and SEM/PPC related books and will cover books that are related to online marketing in a broader sense. The latest book that I got is about blogging. SEO elements are included in the book, which is not surprising, because SEO should be part of every online publishing project or campaign nowadays. You would not have done your homework well, if you would exclude […]

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Social Media Marketing Law #1 – Give Away your Best Stuff/social-media-marketing-law-1-give-away-your-best-stuff/7026/?utm_source=sej-feedWed, 04 Jun 2008 08:46:09 +0000/social-media-marketing-law-1-give-away-your-best-stuff/7026/Complicated things are often explained the best by making an analogy and using a simple real life example where people can relate to. Practical business examples and case studies that are based on a real project you worked on is also very good, but there is often the problem that you cannot share all relevant data and thoughts with the public, due to business interest and secrets that need to be protected. Sure, the big successes and big blunders will make it out into the public, but those are not the best examples to be used for your average day […]

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Digitizing Books with the Help of Millions of People around the World/digitizing-books-with-the-help-of-millions-of-people-around-the-world/6860/?utm_source=sej-feed/digitizing-books-with-the-help-of-millions-of-people-around-the-world/6860/#commentsFri, 09 May 2008 00:03:12 +0000/digitizing-books-with-the-help-of-millions-of-people-around-the-world/6860/I came across this video podcast episode of PBS’s Wired Science with Luis von Ahn, the guy who came up with “Captcha“, those fuzzy looking words that you have to enter on websites sometimes as proof that you are human. “Captcha” was developed to prevent automation (usually via scripting) of a process, such as the creation of a user account. “Captcha” images are not readable by computers. Also the deployment of OCR (optical character recognition) technologies to identify letters within images does not work. To prevent OCR technology to be effective is actually the reason why the images always look […]

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A Search Engine Fairy Tale/a-search-engine-fairy-tale/6841/?utm_source=sej-feed/a-search-engine-fairy-tale/6841/#commentsSun, 04 May 2008 10:44:41 +0000/a-search-engine-fairy-tale/6841/I revisited today an older post of mine that talks about paid links and the problems that I have with the way how Google is trying to solve the problem. One of the last comments to the post asked a question, which many professional SEOs probably asked themselves too. I never did, because I am not a professional SEO and clients to worry about. However, the question caused some activity in my brain that was first a mix of sarcasm and cynic remarks and then turned into a fairy tale that I think is pretty funny and worthwhile sharing with […]

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Six Interesting Printed Books (the Ones Made of Paper, Not PDF eBooks)/six-interesting-printed-books-the-ones-made-of-paper-not-pdf-ebooks/6674/?utm_source=sej-feed/six-interesting-printed-books-the-ones-made-of-paper-not-pdf-ebooks/6674/#commentsWed, 09 Apr 2008 16:36:54 +0000/six-interesting-printed-books-the-ones-made-of-paper-not-pdf-ebooks/6674/In this day and age where blogs provide fast and up to date information about developments in the industry are conventional publication mediums such as print seem to be archaic. But print is not just dead yet. As a matter of fact, blogging might be popular with the influencers and early adopters so is the general population still doing it the old ways. Believe it or not, but books are still being read and written by people. Several of our colleagues obviously agree and actually wrote books for the old fashioned. I also still like books and own and continue […]

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Social Media Guide for Big Brand Corporate Businesses/social-media-guide-for-big-brand-corporate-businesses/6604/?utm_source=sej-feed/social-media-guide-for-big-brand-corporate-businesses/6604/#commentsThu, 27 Mar 2008 14:05:26 +0000/social-media-guide-for-big-brand-corporate-businesses/6604/The amount of activity and participation of people on sites like MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Digg, and other so called social media sites and social networks that make up what we call the new Web or Web 2.0, did not go unnoticed by the big business out there. The possibilities to do something good with it for your business are real, but hard to gauge, measure, adjust and redirect like how must things in the real world and the good old Web 1.0. An untamed wild beast is powerful yet dangerous at the same time. Some beast can […]

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